Back in the end of March, I competed in VLN Race 1
alongside some of the top international pros in the world
on the longest, most difficult, and dangerous race track in the world - 
the Nurburgring-Nordschleife

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This was the biggest race of my life as of yet.
The culmination of all the hard work and sacrifice over the last 4 years


Race Results:
-qualified P6, 8th when I hopped in, and brought her home to 7th in class, 67th overall of 160+
-highest finishing American in class
-highest finishing Japanese driver overall, 2nd at P95 - Toyota Gazoo Racing
-finished higher than a 3x Le Mans champion, F1 Junior development driver, Porsche and Lamborghini factory drivers
-total laps completed on the 'Ring prior to first race: 2


After the race, my teammates and mechanics asked me how it went.
I responded as calmly as possible but as soon as I had some privacy,
I ran behind our team's trailers and screamed at the top of my lungs for close to a minute


A mix of emotions from having just completed the race on the world's craziest track
and thoughts about the journey required to get here;
the experience was truly something


Since race 1, after incessant studying,
simulator time, and going over telemetry with my data engineer,
I have now dropped my lap-times considerably
and am now within striking distance to the pace of the leaders


This most recent adventure of being a racing driver in Europe
has offered some incredible highs and incredible lows, 

However, the techniques I have learned and the self-confidence I have gained, 
knowing that yes, I do belong here racing against some of the best in the world
has proved invaluable and that alone, 
has made this trip worthwhile


I have 5 races left.
I am continuing to push like hell with my training
and proving to partners the immense value the medium of Professional Motorsports can provide.

As always, the biggest thank you to all of those
that have lent me their support when I needed it most.

Without all of you, I would be nowhere.
But because of all of you, we are almost there.