It’s with great pleasure to announce that I’ve signed with Team Adrenalin Motorsports, one of Germany’s top BMW teams for tomorrow’s season-opening race at the Nürburgring

Practiced today alongside some of the best professional drivers and teams in the world on the craziest racetrack in the world. So many ‘pinch me’ moments and I learned so much

Was also my first time on the Ring in a racecar. This place is unreal. Last session weather began changing and 7 cars passed me. Of the 7, 3 crashed and were totaled. Talking racecars that are $150-300k+ each, in just one lap

Tomorrow the goal is survival and to keep learning. Team griffeydreams, I cannot thank you guys enough for helping me get to this point. Your support has made the difference. Livestream link for the race below, Car 654 #definitelynotanintegra…/automob…/vln/vlnlivestream.html