Team Appreciation Day


So many special individuals helped me out last year, many my closest friends


then i tried to bounce to Germany without throwing a farewell


got called out for it by the homies of course

they made me go on the roof                       @thetwerkulator

they made me go on the roof                       @thetwerkulator

so we ended up throwing a pretty good one.


Started the day at Simraceway Performance Driving Center in karts

Huge thanks to my guys Greg Evans, Jerott King, Nyck, Jenn, Renee, and Shawn Jackson for making this happen

And to Dan Forer aka therealbabadook, my crew chief last year and also one of my closest friends, for winning the GD Fastest Lap Cup

The guys at Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma came through next. Ate lunch and even invited us up to their special loft. Thanks guys! 👊

Then to Cafe Prague, one of my favorite haunts in a little alleyway in SF

More imbibing on the bus, after parties, etc very quiet night. And yes, that's my crew chief wearing his trophy


thanks guys. next up, Germany