2014 Season Review

After a ten year long hiatus
and some additional drama
of a mid-season accident,

I'll admit,
it took me longer than I thought
to get back up to speed.
But I suppose, this was to be expected.

This year was to see if I still have it.
To prove to myself that I do have pace,
that I am fast, and only content,
being the fastest.

I learned how to
gather and analyze data more effectively,
as well as how to self-coach, test,
and fine-tune my driving much better.

The track record,
set by an ex-professional driver,
stands at 1 minute 30 seconds.
My time at the beginning of the
season was about 15 seconds off the pace -
way off in racing terms.

My last race is a good example
of the progress I've made:

In Free Practice, I clocked a 1:34.
Qualifying, 1:33.
Race, 1:32.

Give me another day in the car
and I'll be there.
I'll beat it.

Either way, a great summer.
I am so hooked,