What Next

Posing with my primary sponsor for 2014 and former national champ,
Brett Goodman of the Bridgestone Racing Academy

And finally,
the racing funds have run empty and with that,
Ken's racing season is now over.
But, hopefully not for long.

Let's be real,
racing ain't cheap and my last name
isn't Andretti, Senna, or Earnhardt. 

I never started racing go-karts at age 4
or anything ridiculous like that.
I'm 27 now and not getting any younger.

But I promise you,

get me into a race car
and I will work my freaking butt off.
I'll also drive the absolute piss out of that thing
with the biggest, stupidest grin on my face.

And I'll personally convince you,
just how amazing this sport can be,
and how much fun it is, to win.

If you are, or know anyone that's interested
in becoming involved with the beautiful sport
of automobile racing -
whether as team owner, sponsor,
or simply as a patron of the sport,
please, let's do lunch.

Racing. The highest highs and the lowest lows.
Take my word for it though,
it's the best.

Ken Fukuda