Last Six Months


Life got busy after Japan, sorry. Here’s the last 6 months in fewest amount of words:

  • fastest japanese driver last year on the world’s hardest-longest-most dangerous racetrack, the Nürburgring in germany

  • moved to japan to leverage my germany results towards a factory driver seat

  • ‘20 years ago, we’d give you a tryout but today, with people buying less cars and motorsports budgets being slashed, you’d need to be either a former champion or bring sponsors, sorry’ -major auto manufacturers

  • an incredible amount of hustling while i was in Japan, and even made some team owners eyes’ swell up as i recounted my story.
    great relationships made, hilarious stories, and a very memorable time

Photo Credit: all the good photos in this post were shot by my friend, Dante Galan
He is super talented, please check him out below:
instagram: @tru3progression

Began instructing again soon as I got back from Japan
Helped a buddy out with his NASCAR race, and was invited to work all over the country for companies such as Cadillac, Lexus, and the PGA
Then private coaching started picking up. Below is a neat article that Turnology did on me, thank you Tommy Parry/Turnology:

In the last 10 years I’ve lived in Tokyo, Bonn, Oakland, San Francisco, Ontario, Tappita, and LA

Wanting to call somewhere “home,” I decided to drive my ‘97 Volkswagen Gti VR6 with 210,000 miles, cross-country from Oakland CA to the town of Beacon NY

The car made it - huge thanks to Tim & Matt of Tomas Sport Tuning,
and my god, the Pennsylvania portion of hwy 80 was incredible - total supercar roads

Thankfully, I immediately had a couch to crash on
and was able to pick up a position instructing at the Monticello Motor Club -
basically the world’s coolest playground for automotive enthusiasts,
big thanks to my friend Kieran - well as friends Diana, Pedro, Marnie, Cristina, Eli, and the mailman

Life has stabilized somewhat which is good
but I have some unfinished business.

It’s time to get back in a racecar.