Chumpionship in Vegas


Was recently asked by a team to provide some coaching for their guys, as well as hop in the driver's seat at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
for their end of the year ChumpCar World Series Chumpionship

My buddy Brian was kind enough to let us take his NSX down to Vegas from Auburn


16hr championship race split between two days. 2hrs into day 1, the differential and crankshaft seal went


The guys did an amazing job getting everything replaced and put back together in time for day 2

Unfortunately, soon as I got into the car we lost 3rd gear. I adapted my line and driving style, and even with one gear down we began passing people

2hrs later I handed the car off to another teammate whom retired the car soon after due to some fumes and smoke that had appeared and became intolerable


Regardless of the result, I had a blast down in Vegas with the awesome guys of ZPT Motorsports and want to personally thank them,
as well as the ChumpCar World Series organization for ensuring that grassroots motor sports stays alive in the States and continues to thrive