photo: Tubay Yabut

Racing is physical and sometimes it hurts. 
In the sequence above, I was shunted off on the first lap under heavy braking and took quite a hit against the barriers. 

Fractured a rib and couldn't sleep right for about a month. 
This was in a go-kart going about 45 mph. Imagine an Indycar or Sportscar at triple those speeds..

This was another injury I sustained, albeit racing-related but indirectly. 
I had been training pretty rigorously for my upcoming trip to Miami to do some testing.

To treat myself for all of the cardio I'd been doing, I allowed myself to play one game of pick-up basketball.
Wrong move and should've known better from my sporting days - damnit Ken, no extra risks before a race

In my first game, I received a freak headbutt to my left eye and heard something go pop. 
Fractured orbital floor, aka broken eye socket. 

Doc tells me that without surgery my eye will continue to sink further back into my eye, causing permanent double vision.
I get the operation and for weeks afterwards, I had some pretty rough double vision and Strabismus, or crossed-eyes. 

Thankfully, everything healed back to normal and now I just have a small scar as a reminder. 
Either way, it's a damn good reality check that at age 29,
whether I'm racing or training, I am still pursuing a truly physical and athletic profession.