Sonoma Raceway Aug 2015

Sonoma Raceway Aug 2015

This race couldn't come soon enough,
especially after last month's podium finish.

Spent Free Practice experimenting and
trying things I had come up with during the off-time - it went alright.

Qualifying was also OK.
Felt I had learned enough from my previous race to qualify somewhere near 2nd.
Qualified 4th.
Just didn't have pace today for some reason.

Was immediately passed in my heat race and dropped to 5th,
but fought back and finished 4th.

Main race - the one that matters.
Started 4th and told myself to stop thinking so damn much.

Green flag.

I get a great jump and immediately pass someone and now I'm in 3rd.
Another person passes me and I'm back in 4th. I battle back and reclaim 3rd.

Now my favorite part of the day.

One of the racers is on my ass again,
and with every single offensive maneuver of his,
I parry back with some perfectly executed defensive blocks.
No double-moves, completely ethical and fair. I finish 3rd.

Heard some people were disgruntled with my driving
but the instructors and top racers had my back.

From a day where it just felt like an off day
and not even expecting a podium,
to battling my ass off
and coming home with silverware again.

Got more data to study,
gonna be another long month.