2015 Karting Season

My 2015 racing season consisted of racing and training on a Rotax go-kart with Sim Raceway Performance Driving Center (the former Jim Russell school) in Sonoma.
Karts are what most pros learn on and use as training in the off-season, reason being the high grip levels and power-to-weight ratios achieved in a racing kart.
Anyway, my first whole season racing a kart and it was a damn blast.

Arrive and drive, Practice-Qualifying-Heat Race-Main Race format, 9 races total.
The rest of the competitors seemed to be regulars, some coming for the last 5+ years.
One track with 5-6 different configurations. Longest kart track in North America.
Instructors consisted of mostly current and former professional drivers.

The breakdown:
Race 1,  3/28/15 - 11th    (this is what slick tires feel like..)
Race 2, 4/25/15 - 6th     (getting a feel for it)
Race 3, 5/23/15 - 10th    (got a bit overconfident)
Race 4, 6/13/15  - 7th     (smooth is fast. but you still have to be on the limit, cmon!)
Race 5, 7/11/15   - 3rd    (silverware! solid, consistent race)
Race 6, 8/15/15  - 3rd    (more silverware. and best defensive drive to date)
Race 7, 9/5/15    - 9th    (overdrove it; great lesson in tire wear)
Race 8. 10/10/15 - 5th    (hit once, set fastest lap)
Race 9, 10/31/15 - 5th    (hit twice, 2nd fastest lap, last lap-last corner, counter-overtake pass to finish 5th)

Finished 4th out of 22 competitors, two podiums, started setting some fastest laps, and my racecraft feels like it's on point..all in my first season racing karts.

Got a full season under my belt. Got a feel for slick tires. And the speed is there.

And now I understand what I have to work on before making the next jump up.
Even though I'm getting a late start (most pros start before 10), I'm stoked on the progress I've made and can't wait for next season.